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15:15 Breakout sessions
Dive into the newest ICT solutions and case studies and learn from experts.
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Discover our breakout sessions

All sessions will be given in English

15:15 - 15:40

Green Backyard
Quantum, pioneering a game-changer technology

Yellow Backyard
Controlling your hybrid IT: optimizing the balance between private and public cloud

Pink Backyard
Deploying smart building technologies to enable the office of the future

Blue Backyard
Azure OpenAI: fueling smarter business with cloud data superpowers

15:50 - 16:15

Green Backyard
Stay ahead or fall behind: why generative AI is a must-have for your business

Yellow Backyard
Cybersecurity and AI: boosting your business resilience

Pink Backyard
A day in a working life: understanding and addressing connectivity threats of hybrid working

Blue Backyard
Harmonize your customer engagement with AI

16:25 - 16:50

Green Backyard
From concept to reality: the magic journey of 5G

Yellow Backyard
Transcending the war for talent: blueprints for bridging the skill gap through ICT outsourcing

Pink Backyard
Beyond the cloud: real-world innovations from HCLTech & Proximus Innovation Lab, empowered by Dell Technologies

Blue Backyard
Panel discussion AI & Cybersecurity: allies or adversaries?

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