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Discover how technology is shaping the future

Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a business leader, you don't want to miss this opportunity to see the latest innovations in action.

Get ready to embark on a discovery trip in our Innovation Garden where technology and ideas shape the future!


Explore the limitless possibilities of cloud computing, going from consolidating private and public environments, ensuring data security and sovereignty, towards softwarization support, all in a managed mode, if needed.


Stay ahead of cyber threats with solutions that not only defend as such but also offer the full array of overseeing, detecting, intervening, and navigating cyber storms in the future.

Smart multigigabit network

Step into the future at the fiber booth! Dive deep in discussions with one of our skilled experts on Multigig fiber, SDWAN and SASE, and witness the revolutionary quantum connectivity in action.


Be inspired by the boundless potential of 5G technology. Explore the future of emergency services with the 5G Connected Ambulance, revolutionizing healthcare delivery. Engage in the exhilarating Hado game, demonstrating the lightning-fast connectivity and immersive experiences.

Smart building

Immerse yourself in cutting-edge use cases for intelligent building designs and energy efficiency. Experience the future of sustainable and smart living first-hand!

Smart vision & safe city

Discover the power of advanced cameras, from ANPR to infrared, in real-time demos. Dive deep into image processing, sensor integrations, and data capture techniques that discern moods, safety threats, and more.

Communication & collaboration tools

Experience the power of collaboration and communication solutions, enabling remote work and enhancing customer engagement through omnichannel communication. Let’s unburden you by managing employees' digital needs, freeing you to focus on your core business.


Learn about the power of Artificial Intelligence, uncovering patterns in data and making intelligent predictions that will smooth your business models and will forever impact your way of working.


Step into augmented and virtual reality solutions for remote assistance and training purposes.


Witness the potential of drones in various industries and see use cases where aerial surveillance, inspections and possible emergency responses allow advanced efficiency.

IoT and Data Analytics

Unveil IoT and Data Analytics' transformative capabilities: from anomaly detection and abnormal crowd monitoring to tailored dashboards for cities and industries, precise GPS insights, and a versatile data engine integrating diverse sources and devices.

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